3 Muscle Building & Fat Burning Tips

By Jason Ferruggia

3 TipsChew your protein or meal replacement shakes. Say what? Chew your shakes? I know it sounds crazy but there’s a very good reason that I recommend you do this and it will definitely help you in your muscle building and fat burning endeavors.

When you chew your food your body releases certain digestive enzymes that are released into your saliva and aid in the digestion of your food and proper assimilation of nutrients. The act of chewing is so important that you could feed two identical twins the exact same amount of sugar each day for 12 weeks through solids or liquids and the one who had the liquids would be fatter. Let’s say Twin A had a several cans of Pepsi every day and Twin B had several slices of cake every day. Exact same calories, exact same amount of sugar. At the end of 12 weeks, Twin A would be fatter from the liquid calories. That is how critically important chewing your food is.

So from now on when you blend up your favorite protein shake or smoothie, be sure that you don’t make them too thin and always chew a few times before swallowing. People may think you’re insane but at least you know you are building muscle an burning fat more effectively and will have the last laugh in the end. Even when you are eating solid food, the more chews per bite, the better. It is often recommended to chew each mouthful upwards of fifty time before swallowing.

When training your calves, be sure to pause in the fully stretched position at the bottom of each rep for anywhere between two and fifteen seconds. Since most people have tight calves from improper footwear or a host of other factors, loaded stretching can be one of the most powerful growth stimuli you can hit them with. I must warn you, however that this will be excruciatingly painful if you hold the stretch for more than five seconds. The rewards will be worth it, though, when you see your calves explode with new growth.

Try to avoid eating and drinking out of plastic bottles or Tupperware containers as much as humanly possible. Plastics have been linked to increased estrogen levels and other harmful substances. When your estrogen levels go up you are at greater risk for health problems and deadly diseases. And for those of us who don’t think long term and only live in the now, increased estrogen will bring your muscle building and fat burning to a grinding halt. You will start to develop fat around the midsection and in the pectoral region (bitch tits or man boobs). This is never a good look and should be avoided at all costs. The first thing I would do is replace your plastic water bottle with a stainless steel Sigg bottle and then find some stainless steel food containers to replace your Tupperware collection. If you are still eating out of plastics be sure to never, ever heat your food in such a container.

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