How Drinking More Water Can Help You Build Muscle Fast

By Jason Ferruggia

Drink More WaterYou’ve probably been told a million times that you should drink more water to improve your health. But what about drinking water to help you build muscle fast? Are there any benefits of drinking more water as far as physique transformation goes?

Well, first and foremost, drinking a lot of water will, indeed, make you healthier. And when you are healthy you recover and grow faster. Not to mention that if you are sick you can’t train. And if you can’t train you can’t build muscle. A plant doesn’t grow if it doesn’t get sufficient sunlight and water. Humans are no different.

With that out of the way let’s get on to more of the performance and physique enhancing benefits of drinking more water. Fist of all, when you drink cold water your body has to burn calories just to warm the water up to body temperature. It’s not going to make a huge, noticeable difference but every little bit of extra calorie burning counts when you are trying to burn fat or at least stay lean while trying to build muscle fast.

Secondly, optimal water consumption will help move things through your system faster and more efficiently. It also helps you store carbohydrates more efficiently as muscle glycogen. The simple fact is that if you drink more water your muscles will appear to be rounder and fuller because they are pumped full of glycogen. If you don’t believe me try to minimize your water consumption for a few days. Then take a picture of yourself. The next few days, drink a gallon of water per day and then take another picture. I guarantee you will look significantly bigger in the second picture. In the first, dehydrated, picture you will look small, smooth and flat. While this isn’t actual lean beef that you are gaining from the water consumption it will help your performance in the gym. When you are fully glycogen loaded you will have better leverages to help you move more weight, which is of the utmost importance in when you are trying to build muscle fast.

Here is another thing about drinking water that you should know as well. If you are even slightly dehydrated, which tons of people are on a regular basis, your strength will automatically be down significantly. Your performance will suffer noticeably from even the slightest dehydration.
And, finally, here is something that you probably haven’t heard before about optimal water consumption. Any level of dehydration can not only lead to you being weaker in the gym or on the field but to actually losing muscle. That’s right, my friends, dehydration can also lead to muscle catabolism! This is not good and needs to be avoided at all costs.

So now you know why you need to drink more water. How do you know if you’re drinking enough water? Simple; your urine should be clear. If it’s yellow you are probably not drinking enough and if you’re not drinking enough you may be heading for a muscle building disaster.
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