How to Build Muscle Fast with the Most Effective Exercises

All too often I walk into public gyms and see skinny guys plugging away, doing set after set of the worst, time wasting exercises possible. That’s why, today, I’m going to show you how to build muscle fast with the most effective exercises per body part starting from the traps and working our way down to the calves.

Traps- If you want to build huge traps like Goldberg or Brock Lesnar you need to deadlift. That will always be first on the list. Hang cleans and snatches would be next followed by shrugs.

Shoulders- To build big cannon ball shoulders you need to incorporate some type of military press into your weight training workouts. These are usually done with a barbell or dumbbells but you can also use a log, keg or sandbag if you have access to it. The point is that you do them. Save the lateral raises for the guys who are content never gaining an ounce of size even after five years of training. If you want to get huge you need the military press in your muscle building program.

Chest- When it comes to building a huge chest you can’t beat the basic, old school pushup. While most people want something fancier and often fall for the trap of using machines, the fact of the matter is that pushups will build muscle faster than just about any other exercise there is. That is, provided you do them right, of course. For most guys pushups will be too easy after your first few months of doing them properly. That’s why you need to load them by wearing a weight vest or having a friend hold plates on yout back. You can also perform them on straps or gymnastics rings.

Aside from pushups you will get your most bang for your buck from some type of dumbbell press.

Back- When it comes to building a big back you have chin ups, rows and deadlifts. Nothing else matters. Chin ups can be done with a variety of grips as can the rows. Deadlifts can be done from the floor or from the rack.

Biceps- The biceps will get their greatest growth stimulation from chin ups. For more direct isolation work the barbell curl and dumbbell curl remain the greatest biceps builders.

Triceps- Take a look at the arm development on male gymnasts and it will become readily apparent that the parallel bar dip is the king of triceps building exercises. The other exercise that packs slabs of meat on the back of the arm is the close grip bench press. Don’t waste time on cable and extension type moves and instead focus all of your time on these two big mass building exercises if you want a big pair of horseshoe triceps.

Glutes and hamstrings- For glutes and hamstrings you would be hard pressed to beat the full squat. Deadlifts also smoke that entire region as well. A very rarely used exercise known as the barbell hip thrust is also a great exercise that will work your glutes and hamstrings very effectively.

Quads- No discussion on how to build muscle fast with be complete without discussing the squat. For massive quad development there is no exercise that compares to the almighty back squat. Front squats are pretty good as well, but the problem is they are uncomfortable and most people hate doing them. I would stick with back squats if given the choice.

Abs and Calves- Most skinny guys and hardgainers shouldn’t waste time doing abs or calves. These muscles can be trained later on down the line when you get to a more advanced level.

Now you know how to build muscle fast with the most effective exercises for every body part. Stop wasting your time with machines and isolation movements and start growing.

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